Sage Toda Nation: Established in 2020, SAGE NATION is a clothing brand delivered by Sage Toda-Nation in London. Built on Sage’s dual Japanese and British heritage, the hybridisation of these two cultures has engineered a unique approach to garment making which pays close attention to traditional materials, methods of design, and garment construction. Striking an aesthetic and conceptual balance between these two cultures SAGE NATION is concerned with delivering non-seasonal, genderless clothing designed to embrace everyday wear. All fabrics used to create the garments are sourced both from Japan and the UK and constructed in London.


Based on the core principles of; Purpose, Perspective and Balance SAGE NATION aims to carve an independent, considered lane through the fashion industry. The three pillars of the brand provide the foundation for all decisions made within the brand, from concept to realisation and distribution. This powerful internal tri-rooted structure drives the consistency of SAGE NATION, allowing it to continually develop and grow without straying from its core ideology.




GENERAL ENQUIRY → Info@sagenation.uk


CUSTOMER SERVICE →  Customerservice@sagenation.uk


INSTAGRAM →  @_sagenation


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